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Who we are

Pioneers in Sociotechnical Systems and Industry Leading Professionals in Technical Architecture, Big Data and Analytics.

The Three Steps Left story

It's simple. We know the world is changing and that our relationship with data is becoming more important, both as individuals and communities. Not only do we understand that things need to change, but we are amongst the elite few who actually know how to make that change sensibly and responsibly. What's more our team has a reputation for proving it.

Why choose us?

In many ways we wrote the book - literally - and have been involved many of the seminal discussions on how society uses (and should use) data over the past two decades.

Given that you've found us, hopefully you know who we are already - we try not to broadcast. If not, welcome to our small but well-formed collective. We have brought together CTO's, technical specialists, consultants and academics from some of the world's most prestigious organisations. Together we advise on everything from government policy to technology trends, web standards (W3C) and large scale systems' architectures. We have worked with the C-Suite from many household names, but are equally at home in the thick of it with small and exciting start-ups. Our experts are acknowledged leaders in their field who specialise in areas such as Sociotechnical Systems (inc Web Science), IT Strategy, Reflective Engineering, Semantics, Big Data and Graph Database, and we are always up for discussing new ideas.

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What we do

We just try to contribute in ways that hopefully assist, improve and stimulate.

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If we want to solve a problem that we have never solved before, we must leave the door to the unknown ajar.” ― Richard Feynman

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(Tel) +44 (0)7740 923328

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Email 1: enquiries@threestepsleft.com